About Us

Who We Are

Holdenville News is Holdenville’s source of local news and events, with a circulation of 2,200 and publishing twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday. We offer display advertising, classified advertising, legal publications, obituaries, carrier delivery in town and mail delivery to out-of-town subscribers, plus counter sales in Hughes and Seminole County.

A Little History

Holdenville News can trace its history back to 1897, when the first issue of Holdenville Times was published on February 18. In those days before the telephone, television and radio, it was the only source for residents in this region to become informed of the news in the area.

A short time later a dispute between the publisher of the Holdenville Times and another member of the community spawned the start of another newspaper, the Holdenville Democrat. The two competing papers reported on the incorporation of the City of Holdenville, the establishment of Oklahoma statehood, and World War 1 before merging to become the Holdenville Daily News in the 1920’s.

T. Boone Pickens

Business legend T. Boone Pickens credits his early days as a Holdenville News newspaper boy for setting him on a route to success.

“My first route was 28 papers, so I made 28 cents a day, six days a week, with no expenses,” Pickens states. “Let me tell you, 28 cents a day when I was 12 years old meant real money in my pocket. This was during the Depression. I ended up with 154 papers before I was through,” Pickens says.

His proudest accomplishment was his ability to throw from either hand.

Press Room Tragedy

A tragic moment in the paper’s history occurred on March 11, 1963. A devastating explosion in the press room killed one employee and injured other members of the news staff. The building and all of the newspaper’s equipment was destroyed, but the employees managed to still have a paper in the racks the next day.